Svyatoslav I. Maslennikov


Senior Manager, Infrastructure Modernization at SADA

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27 May 2022


by Svyatoslav I. Maslennikov

I lived in Yerevan for the month of November 2021. These are my findings and notes.


Locals learn Armenian as the first language, Russian as the second and English as the third. In the city, it’s easy to get by with English but folks will take advantage of those who don’t know local pricing and culture. Speaking Russian helps and certainly expands the tourism horizon to most of Armenia. Unless you’re good at communicating through body language, that is.

People in this country are extremely accepting of tourists from really anywhere: however, the LGBT community is just barely tolerated. Religion is widespread.

Folks drink and smoke a bit more than in the States. Currently it’s still allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars, but there are usually separate sections for such activities.

There’s a constant war with Azerbaijan and Turkey. Things have been relatively safe, but locals are in perpetual mourning over lost lives and lands over the years. Being cognizant of these facts as a visitor is invaluable.


The Alexander Hotel

While I didn’t stay here, I did come in for meals and tea while working. Quiet, simple, high-quality.


Fancy shmancy restaurant at the top of a building. Excellent food, live music, dancing. Bring cigars.

Malkhas Jazz Club

Didn’t make it here, but heard amazing things about it.

American Hot Wings

Excellent hot wings and burgers in a modern atmosphere.

Beatles Pub

Divey bar with a piano, delightful atmosphere and good beer.

In Vino

A great place to come in, buy a bottle of wine off the shelf, munch on some cheese plates.


A bar/club hidden under a park in the city. Seek out the signs with its name and head downstairs for excellent food and drinks!

A random Jazz club

The name of this Jazz club is unfortunately lost in my notes, but it’s thoroughly enjoyable. There’s usually a cover when bands play, drinks are good and there’s food available as well.

Wine Republic

Great restaurant with a large wine selection.


Lots of beer: imported and local.

Park Cafe

Beer, drinks, food - pretty good and standard.

Yerevan Tavern

Beautiful setting, delicious soups, pretty good meats, beer, drinks.


A chain of cafes - perfect for lunch or tea and desserts.

Lake Sevan

At Semo

Delightful restaurant, make sure you try the fish soups!


Lake Parz

Lake with a bunch of activities like ziplining. Excellent personnel, and there’s also a restaurant with a wood stove!

Restaurant Ureni

Excellent restaurant where your party is seated in an individual wood building heated by a wood stove.

Haghartsin Monastery

A cluster of old old monasteries. Beautiful to walk around and explore.


Garni Temple and basalt formations

An incredible temple from 1st/2nd century AD on top of a cliff. Below is an amazing crack in the Earth with beautiful basalt formations.